DataKrew is a deep technology startup with strong roots in Internet-of-Thing (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Security. We're like digital doctors with a data-driven approach for monitoring, diagnostics, and automation of infrastructural assets and processes - while ensuring data privacy and security of the highest industry standard.

We use IP backed technologies to deploy secure and robust multi-sensor wireless IoT devices for gathering real-time business critical data from factories, hospitals, homes, and smart city installations. Our easy-to-integrate product suite helps deliver cost-effective, durable, and secure solutions to empower customers maximize efficiency & productivity.

Value addition to customers include digital twin visualization, asset tracking, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, energy management, behavior alerts, decision insights, etc. This is made possible by our team with over thirty years of research and industry experience, who transform domain know-how and expertise into value-driven products.

Why Us

The benefits of making us your secure digitization partner.

End-to-End Solution

Whether you need intelligent sensor technology, data immutability, security over wireless channel or decision insights on sensor data – we are your right choice.

Data Security Guarantee

We offer strong security for your critical application data using advanced encryption in both software and hardware layers, which is considered unbreakable by NSA standards.

IP Driven Technology

With deep IP backed research and industry experience, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of sensor systems, security and analytics suitable for diverse applications.


Together, we can build a custom solution tailored to your personal needs – using the four DataKrew product verticals – AcqDAT™, SecDAT™, ProvDAT™ and QuestDAT™.



Application specific IoT hardware with wide range of industry grade sensors and actuators.



Hardware security module to authenticate and protect application critical data.



Immutable data traceability and ownership guarantees for your clients and auditors.



Real-time data visualization, analytics and decision insights on sensor diagnostics data.

Use Cases

Explore the creative possibilities of using our range of DataKrew products to realize your next digitization project.

  • Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0

    You can monitor real-time process parameters during production, for smart manufacturing. Our custom products for industrial automation are scalable and easy to deploy. It pushes you ahead of your competition by providing a fast and cost efficient way to enable predictive maintenance and process alerts.

  • Smart Home and Building

    Smart Home & Building

    You can securely and quickly capture real-time data through our connected devices in homes and buildings. Data-driven analytics can empower you with a convenient lifestyle, comfortable living and a cost effective energy consumption plans.

  • Smart Cities

    Logistics & Traceability

    You can track-and-trace shippment conditions and location on the fly with our time-stamped GSM data loggers. End consumers benefit from increased safety and transparency. Shipping companies benefit by reducing spoilage and capturing information about the logistics chain.

  • Agri-Tech


    You can remotely monitor and manage crops and ecosystems — connecting growers digitally to their land. Using our real-time data, farmers can merge the physical world with digital tools to combat everyday problems and boost product yield, reduce per acre energy usage and optimise water consumption.


We are thankful to our committed clients, supporters and backers.