Customer Benefits

“The future of humanity is connected, harness the power with Datakrew.”

MADS to Monitor


IoT monitoring bridges the gap between devices and business by collecting and analyzing diverse large-scale IoT data across connected devices, customers and applications. Some key benefits of MADS Monitoring solutions are:

feature 24/7 Real-time Remote Performance Visibility
feature Data-centric KPIs and Revenue Opportunities
feature Improved Time, Money and Performance ROI
feature Rapid Response Time and Improved Safety


Automation in IoT driven business decisions and processes can streamline complexities, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, and contain costs. Some key benefits of MADS Automation solutions are:

feature Improved Clarity and Efficiency
feature Reduced Paperwork, Costs and Errors
feature Faster Turnaround and Time Savings
feature Allows New Business Opportunities
MADS to Automate
MADS to Diagnose


Diagnostics makes data actionable, through context and insights. AI algorithms on real-time and past IoT data can drive predictive, prescriptive and adaptive analytics. Some key benefits of MADS Diagnostics solutions are:

feature Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Costs
feature Extended Equipment Lifetime and Performance
feature Optimised Process and Inventory Costs
feature Real-time Data Analytics and Trend Forecasting


Security compliance is essential to protect IoT/OT/IT systems, networks, and critical data – across software, hardware, communication and lifecycle from ever evolving attacks. Some key benefits of MADS Security solutions are:

feature Post-quantum XMSS SSL/TLS Certification
feature ISO/NIST/IEC Security Standards Compliant
feature USB Hardware Security Module Login
feature Side-channel Attack Resistant Gateway
MADS to Secure